Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

I am aware that your wife is a witch and can understand your desire to become warlock. If you intend to remain the most powerful and oldest vampire then I agree, measures must be taken to counter act Eve's growing awareness of her powers and abilities.

Although I am not one to say I told you so, but if you had just let the little woman pass on into the after life and not turned her into a vampire, you wouldn't be having this problem. Maybe next time you'll think above the waist instead of below. Of course I'm not one to lay blame or judge. So please do not take this as a criticism, just an observation of the facts.

Shudano Betr

My Dear Shudano Betr,

You're very clever. Did you not think I wouldn't see through your handle? Shouda known better. Indeed!! Since you appear to be sympathetic to my plight I will not take this as criticism but will answer you. You are correct in one area and one area only. I should have been more aware of the changes I wrought when I turned Eve. No matter. I do intend to remain in my position of power. Eve will strike one day with her magic and I will have a surprise for her.

Now as for my allowing Eve to go to the after life. MORTAL!! Here me well. Do not speak ill of Eve, do not think it, do not breath it or your next breath will be your last. I give you that warning as a courtesy since you understand my new quest. Now be a good little mortal and do not cause me to have to turn that warning into reality.

Adam Omega


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