Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ask Adam

Dear Mr. Omega,

I've been thinking about your blog post from a couple weeks back. At first I didn't take it serious. After all, there's no way you would ever think that your legion of devoted fans would ever find a demon more interesting than you.

To compare you to Vulcan is a lot like comparing Brad Pitt to George Clooney.

The moment you see Brad you're awestruck by his mere presence. After all, he's very attractive. But then George enters the picture and not only is he attractive, he's got charm, wisdom and old Hollywood glamour while somehow managing to stay current and on the cutting edge.

Mr. Omega, if it doesn't insult you too much, you are very much like Mr. Clooney to me. Charming, wise...even when Eve doesn't want to admit it...and too sexy for words. Don't concern yourself with everyone's momentary fascination with Vulcan. He's barely a one hit wonder, while're the inspiration for an entire series of books with a growing legion of fans.


Hopelessly Devoted To You

Dear Hopelessly Devoted,

I have pondered how best to answer your most gracious letter. If I were a mortal man I would say it thrilled me. Had you said that George Clooney reminded you of me instead of the other way around I perhaps would have expressed joy over your words. Because you did not, I thought it only appropriate to allow you a few days before I answered.

I will however admit to my gratification over your knowledge that Vulcan is a one trick pony. Again, if I were mortal I would pass on the gossip. And the gossip would be that of late Vulcan has told F.D. Davis to go to HELL.

Adam Omega,