Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

I have a very serious question that I can't ask anyone else. They would think I'm crazy. I've been feeling a bit tired and some what weak for a few months now. I keep finding little marks between my thighs. The marks hurt when I touch them. I was wondering if you've been visiting me or perhaps another vampire. Mr. Omega, I'm really scared and I'm serious. Thank you for your help.

Scared of the dark

Dear Scared Of The Dark,

I took your letter seriously so I visited you last night. I checked your home thoroughly for the scent of a vampire. There was not a trace. But what I did find was blood beneath your fingernails. I'm afraid my dear that you have been injuring yourself while sleeping. I do hope this is good news for you. I had not believed a vampire to be the cause of your malady when first I read your letter. For you see most vampires prefer to do their dining a lot higher up. All the best to you mortal.

Adam Omega