Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Adam

Mr. Omega,

First off I have to tell you that I do believe in vampires. I don't think they're a myth or come from the creative minds of fiction writers. With that being said I'd like to ask where I can go to meet one. Asking to meet you would be asking too much I know but if you could direct me to another I would be most grateful.

Needing a change

My Dear Needing a Change,

Think carefully before you ask for the change we both know you're asking for. By the way subtlety does not work on me. Your hope that in asking for another that I would give you what you want will not be happening. To be frank, my decree to not turn mortals was a good one. It stands. So in answer to your question, seek for a vampire in your dreams. You will remain safe that way.

Adam Omega

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

I have a question for you. How long will you tolerate Eve's insolence?


Dear Curious,

I will tolerate Eve's insolence until I stop.

Adam Omega

Sunday, March 14, 2010


The mortal F.D. Davis has done what I have ordered her to do for months now. The third book of my misadventures is now available at Amazon and elsewhere. I'd love to know your opinions on the ending.

Adam Omega


Monday, November 2, 2009

Ask Adam

Mr. Omega,

Since when do you, Adam Omega, accept or even know the meaning of the word "No". Seriously, you expect me to believe that load of...come on tear the other leg off why don't you.

Adam, I this ask again, what's up with you. Where is the Adam I love to hate? The Adam that with one look sends shivers up and down my spine. Don't tell me Eve has finally got you whipped. Oh, say it ain't so, Adam.

Please, Adam, show us all your still the baddest Vamp around and raise some hell!!!

Mona V. Sho

Dear Mona V. Sho

Since you're asking. Eve has done nothing of the sort. As for why I did nothing to aid F. D. Davis in her illness the answer is simple. I didn't want to. Have I not said often enough that the mortal irritates me? So do mortals who dare to ask me why I haven't done something. Take care Mona or you may just find yourself dealing with more than a little flu bug.

Adam Omega

Supreme Vampire

Ask Adam

For a super human being who professes to have control over the elements and the ability to bend one to his will. Why is it, Adam, you cannot cure the common cold.

She who wrote you into being is sick and one would think by now you would have cured her of her ailment.

So what's up with that, Adam!

Justen Akins

Dear Justen Akins,

Under normal circumstances I would not answer this as I find it more than a tad disrespectful. But today I am in a generous mood and will answer. F.D. Davis is a stubborn mortal and yes you're quite correct. I have been aware of her illness for the past ten days. I offered to help and she said, No thanks. it's no big deal I'll deal with it. So I decided to allow it. Because of your insolent tone I paid F.D. another visit. I can assure you she is much improved.

Now as to that other matter of her writing me into being. My Darling Mortal, I was always here.

Adam Omega Vampire

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Adam,

It seems I may have vexed you once more. I meant no disrespect, nor was I by any means attempting to scold you. To be honest I was scolding the mortal that dared to compare you to a so so actor. I was trying to be on my best behavior by giving you the respect you so deserve. I humbly offer my apologies if you took offense at my simple observation.

I am however surprise you admit to being vain. Tell me, Adam, what else do you like to have stroked?

I do not believe you have done anything so horrid to F.D. Adam, though you pretend and other would like to believe you are truly evil, you are not the cold unfeeling blood sucker that you want us to think you are.

Oh, Adam, do you think me so naive as to believe you would do something so selfless without there being just the tiniest of strings attached. I wonder what Vulcan would have to say on the subject of you coming so conveniently to his rescue.

Not quite as disgusted now.

Dear Not Quite as Disgusted,

Apologies accepted. Please reread my comment to you. I did not admit to being vain. I said that Eve called me vain. Two different animals. As far as what I have or have not done to F. D. Davis do not for one nanosecond think you know what I will or will not do. As for the Demon, Vulcan has nothing to say but...Adam, Thank you for saving my behind. Each day I begin by wiping away his lip prints from my derriere. Was there an ulterior motive behind my saving of Vulcan? That also is none of your concern mortal.

Adam Omega,

The Annoyed