Monday, November 2, 2009

Ask Adam

Mr. Omega,

Since when do you, Adam Omega, accept or even know the meaning of the word "No". Seriously, you expect me to believe that load of...come on tear the other leg off why don't you.

Adam, I this ask again, what's up with you. Where is the Adam I love to hate? The Adam that with one look sends shivers up and down my spine. Don't tell me Eve has finally got you whipped. Oh, say it ain't so, Adam.

Please, Adam, show us all your still the baddest Vamp around and raise some hell!!!

Mona V. Sho

Dear Mona V. Sho

Since you're asking. Eve has done nothing of the sort. As for why I did nothing to aid F. D. Davis in her illness the answer is simple. I didn't want to. Have I not said often enough that the mortal irritates me? So do mortals who dare to ask me why I haven't done something. Take care Mona or you may just find yourself dealing with more than a little flu bug.

Adam Omega

Supreme Vampire

Ask Adam

For a super human being who professes to have control over the elements and the ability to bend one to his will. Why is it, Adam, you cannot cure the common cold.

She who wrote you into being is sick and one would think by now you would have cured her of her ailment.

So what's up with that, Adam!

Justen Akins

Dear Justen Akins,

Under normal circumstances I would not answer this as I find it more than a tad disrespectful. But today I am in a generous mood and will answer. F.D. Davis is a stubborn mortal and yes you're quite correct. I have been aware of her illness for the past ten days. I offered to help and she said, No thanks. it's no big deal I'll deal with it. So I decided to allow it. Because of your insolent tone I paid F.D. another visit. I can assure you she is much improved.

Now as to that other matter of her writing me into being. My Darling Mortal, I was always here.

Adam Omega Vampire

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Adam,

It seems I may have vexed you once more. I meant no disrespect, nor was I by any means attempting to scold you. To be honest I was scolding the mortal that dared to compare you to a so so actor. I was trying to be on my best behavior by giving you the respect you so deserve. I humbly offer my apologies if you took offense at my simple observation.

I am however surprise you admit to being vain. Tell me, Adam, what else do you like to have stroked?

I do not believe you have done anything so horrid to F.D. Adam, though you pretend and other would like to believe you are truly evil, you are not the cold unfeeling blood sucker that you want us to think you are.

Oh, Adam, do you think me so naive as to believe you would do something so selfless without there being just the tiniest of strings attached. I wonder what Vulcan would have to say on the subject of you coming so conveniently to his rescue.

Not quite as disgusted now.

Dear Not Quite as Disgusted,

Apologies accepted. Please reread my comment to you. I did not admit to being vain. I said that Eve called me vain. Two different animals. As far as what I have or have not done to F. D. Davis do not for one nanosecond think you know what I will or will not do. As for the Demon, Vulcan has nothing to say but...Adam, Thank you for saving my behind. Each day I begin by wiping away his lip prints from my derriere. Was there an ulterior motive behind my saving of Vulcan? That also is none of your concern mortal.

Adam Omega,

The Annoyed
Dear Adam

I must take issue with your response to that gushing mortal who compared you to George Clooney.

There is no mortal to which one could compare you, Mr. Omega. Why you found it flattering to be compared to a charming if not a so so actor, leaves me to wonder if indeed this Demon had gotten under your skin. And it really unnerves you to know that you may actually have some competition for F. D.'s attention.

As for what you heard, the F. D. I know would never speak such a thing as to tell one to go to such an infernal place. Of course she may have suggested he go home minutes before your expected arrival, which may or may not be hell. Depending how you look at it. But I digress.

Adam, admit it your starting to feel the heat and his name is Vulcan.


My Dear, dear Disgusted,

Once again I am touched by the emotions of mortals. While you reprimand the mortal who gave me praise you've all but accused me of dealing in vanity. You reminded me of a comment Eve once made to me. I said to her, "Vanity they name is woman. And she answered thus and said, "Vanity thy name is Adam."

Would it be a weakness to admit to enjoying the feeling from time to time of having one's ego stroked? Of course it would be. How then shall I tell you the reason for my response to the petitioner. I will begin in this manner. Are you familiar with the line that goes something like this: How shall I compare you to a rose? Thou are more lovely......

What you saw was surface. I saw beneath. For the mortal who queried me the actor was someone she admired greatly. And though she was keenly aware that none could truly compare to me her praise was genuine and respectful. My response was to that emotion, not the comparison.

You on the other hand seek to scold me and chastise me as though I were a mortal man, as though you'd forgotten your place. I'm aware of mortal failings, losing your mind and such, so I will forgive your transgression this once. If you're wise you will not attempt fate in such a manner again.

As for Vulcan, even as limited as being a mortal makes you I do not for one moment believe you seriously think I am concerned with F.D.'s affection for the creature. Least you forget, it was I who saved Vulcan, not the other way around.

As for F.D. perhaps she's bitten off more than she can adequately chew. Eve questioned me recently concerning her whereabouts. It would appear that she's gone missing. Some think I may have done away with her, at the very least that I have her hidden away someplace torturing her, drinking from her as though from my own private tap. Let me assure you that perhaps she deserves those things for putting doubts in the minds of mortal concerning my thoughts on a demon she's taken a fancy to. I have no need to harm the mortal.

But let's not forget, I do not always operate according to need.

ADAM Omega

Supreme Vampire, vanquisher of Demons and......

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Ask Adam

Dear Mr. Omega,

I've been thinking about your blog post from a couple weeks back. At first I didn't take it serious. After all, there's no way you would ever think that your legion of devoted fans would ever find a demon more interesting than you.

To compare you to Vulcan is a lot like comparing Brad Pitt to George Clooney.

The moment you see Brad you're awestruck by his mere presence. After all, he's very attractive. But then George enters the picture and not only is he attractive, he's got charm, wisdom and old Hollywood glamour while somehow managing to stay current and on the cutting edge.

Mr. Omega, if it doesn't insult you too much, you are very much like Mr. Clooney to me. Charming, wise...even when Eve doesn't want to admit it...and too sexy for words. Don't concern yourself with everyone's momentary fascination with Vulcan. He's barely a one hit wonder, while're the inspiration for an entire series of books with a growing legion of fans.


Hopelessly Devoted To You

Dear Hopelessly Devoted,

I have pondered how best to answer your most gracious letter. If I were a mortal man I would say it thrilled me. Had you said that George Clooney reminded you of me instead of the other way around I perhaps would have expressed joy over your words. Because you did not, I thought it only appropriate to allow you a few days before I answered.

I will however admit to my gratification over your knowledge that Vulcan is a one trick pony. Again, if I were mortal I would pass on the gossip. And the gossip would be that of late Vulcan has told F.D. Davis to go to HELL.

Adam Omega,


Friday, March 6, 2009

Dear Supreme Adam Omega,
speaking of music, I heard a song that I think will arouse Eve and open her
heart to your love. I want to know what you think about this music. Please
listen to Overture Within Temptation. I know you can find it because it floats
in the universe.

P.S." Davis was not impressed with my choice. What say you?

Minnie E

Dear Minnie,

I say that I loved your choice of music. You must remember that Davis and I are two entirely different entities. What more could you expect from her? She listens to country. I however applaud your superior taste and thank you for finding the music that calls to something in my soul. Take care and good looking out. By the way I do like the respectful tone of your question. A little sucking up never hurts to sway my opinion.

Adam Omega

Supreme Vampire

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dear Adam,

A friend...Not Me...but a friend, is under the impression that you love country music. For whatever reason, she sees you rocking out to George Straight, Garth Brooks and Conway Twitty. There's nothing wrong with country music, but I can't really see you coming home from a long day of being the most powerful being on the planet and turning on Shania Twain.

What's in your I-pod, Mr. Omega? Please don't say Randy Travis!


Dear Lyric,

Would it sound a bit trite if I told you that I listen to the Grateful Dead? Now I'm not saying if I do or if I don't but there is a possibility. I do enjoy music by several groups, The Undead, The Risen, The Lore, The vamps, The bloods, The Suckers, The Omeganish. They're all very good bands and we do share a certain something. As for country music. I shutter to think of it. It makes me cringe almost as much as Eve's caterwauling. F. D. however is a fan of such noise, but as far as I know from the ones you mentioned she only listens to Garth Brooks

Adam Omega

Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

I have a very serious question that I can't ask anyone else. They would think I'm crazy. I've been feeling a bit tired and some what weak for a few months now. I keep finding little marks between my thighs. The marks hurt when I touch them. I was wondering if you've been visiting me or perhaps another vampire. Mr. Omega, I'm really scared and I'm serious. Thank you for your help.

Scared of the dark

Dear Scared Of The Dark,

I took your letter seriously so I visited you last night. I checked your home thoroughly for the scent of a vampire. There was not a trace. But what I did find was blood beneath your fingernails. I'm afraid my dear that you have been injuring yourself while sleeping. I do hope this is good news for you. I had not believed a vampire to be the cause of your malady when first I read your letter. For you see most vampires prefer to do their dining a lot higher up. All the best to you mortal.

Adam Omega