Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dear Adam,

It seems I may have vexed you once more. I meant no disrespect, nor was I by any means attempting to scold you. To be honest I was scolding the mortal that dared to compare you to a so so actor. I was trying to be on my best behavior by giving you the respect you so deserve. I humbly offer my apologies if you took offense at my simple observation.

I am however surprise you admit to being vain. Tell me, Adam, what else do you like to have stroked?

I do not believe you have done anything so horrid to F.D. Adam, though you pretend and other would like to believe you are truly evil, you are not the cold unfeeling blood sucker that you want us to think you are.

Oh, Adam, do you think me so naive as to believe you would do something so selfless without there being just the tiniest of strings attached. I wonder what Vulcan would have to say on the subject of you coming so conveniently to his rescue.

Not quite as disgusted now.

Dear Not Quite as Disgusted,

Apologies accepted. Please reread my comment to you. I did not admit to being vain. I said that Eve called me vain. Two different animals. As far as what I have or have not done to F. D. Davis do not for one nanosecond think you know what I will or will not do. As for the Demon, Vulcan has nothing to say but...Adam, Thank you for saving my behind. Each day I begin by wiping away his lip prints from my derriere. Was there an ulterior motive behind my saving of Vulcan? That also is none of your concern mortal.

Adam Omega,

The Annoyed

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