Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ask Adam

Dear Adam,

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, is there anything that you're thankful for? know I gotta ask...what are you having for Thanksgiving? Turkey, Ham or Beef?


Dear Grateful,

In all seriousness I am grateful that mortals take one day out of the year to express their gratitude and to acknowledge a higher power. So, I am grateful to be one of the higher powers that mortal acknowledge. As to what I will be eating tomorrow, a more apt question would have been what to I plan to drink. I believe you already know my beverage of choice will be A negative.

This you may find a bit hard to beleive but the mortal helper has once again invited me to her home for a meal. Poor thing she does forget that I do not need a special man made date to feast. I do that every night but I'm sure with Eve and myself being the guests of honor all the foods that you mention will undoubtedly be served.

As soon as it will be considered polite to take our leave Eve and I will be leaving for Greece to pay Evan a visit, then of course ewe will go to my favorite place. Vatican City.

Since I have not mentioned Sullivan you may assume that he is no longer a bother.

Until next time, Happy Thanksgiving Grateful and all the rest of you mortals.


Adam Omega