Monday, November 2, 2009

Ask Adam

For a super human being who professes to have control over the elements and the ability to bend one to his will. Why is it, Adam, you cannot cure the common cold.

She who wrote you into being is sick and one would think by now you would have cured her of her ailment.

So what's up with that, Adam!

Justen Akins

Dear Justen Akins,

Under normal circumstances I would not answer this as I find it more than a tad disrespectful. But today I am in a generous mood and will answer. F.D. Davis is a stubborn mortal and yes you're quite correct. I have been aware of her illness for the past ten days. I offered to help and she said, No thanks. it's no big deal I'll deal with it. So I decided to allow it. Because of your insolent tone I paid F.D. another visit. I can assure you she is much improved.

Now as to that other matter of her writing me into being. My Darling Mortal, I was always here.

Adam Omega Vampire


Team Jacob said...

Bloody hilarious lol

-blessed b9, Catalyst4Christ said...

Jesus, have mercy on his soul...