Monday, November 2, 2009

Ask Adam

Mr. Omega,

Since when do you, Adam Omega, accept or even know the meaning of the word "No". Seriously, you expect me to believe that load of...come on tear the other leg off why don't you.

Adam, I this ask again, what's up with you. Where is the Adam I love to hate? The Adam that with one look sends shivers up and down my spine. Don't tell me Eve has finally got you whipped. Oh, say it ain't so, Adam.

Please, Adam, show us all your still the baddest Vamp around and raise some hell!!!

Mona V. Sho

Dear Mona V. Sho

Since you're asking. Eve has done nothing of the sort. As for why I did nothing to aid F. D. Davis in her illness the answer is simple. I didn't want to. Have I not said often enough that the mortal irritates me? So do mortals who dare to ask me why I haven't done something. Take care Mona or you may just find yourself dealing with more than a little flu bug.

Adam Omega

Supreme Vampire

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