Friday, March 7, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Displeased Vampire,

Yes, I have lost my mind, I have finally come to my senses. I Beg you to forgive me, don't take your love away. I will be your most willing and humble servant for the remainder of my days. Please accept my apologies. I forgot that you are Adam Omega, Vampire. My mind is so filled with thoughts of you and my love so deep that I forgot my place. I promise if you will continue to visit me I will never forget again. As for that promise of pain the next time you visit. Sounds interesting.

So Crushed

My Dear So Crushed,

You have begged admirably and have been properly chastised. Though I received your letter a day ago I still felt that you needed more of a lesson. Your groveling however has given you a reprisal and your anticipation of the pain I will inflict on you interest me. There is hope for you yet mortal. Wait patiently and reverently for My return.

Adam Omega,

Somewhat appeased VAMPIRE!

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