Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

What is a super sexy vamp like you planning to do on Valentine's Day?


Dear Valentina,

Normally I wouldn't answer this question. I would just tell you that it's none of your business what I plan to do. But since you called me sexy I have decided this once to play nice.

First I have no need for mortal niceties but for some strange reason Eve gave me a wistful look. The woman just refuses to act like a proper vampire so I have decided to indulge her. I mean I am not totally unfeeling. I do love the woman.

So our plans. First I will bring a couple of bottles of my finest blood from the freezer and allow it to come to room temperature then I will lay Eve on a bed of rose petals. I will give her passion bites starting at her beautiful ear lobe and I will suckle it lavishing it with my love. Then I will move down to that spot above her shoulder and I will place gentle bites along the ridge. Well maybe not so gently. I will caress her as I move along her body sensing her flow and I will places kisses over every inch of her skin not leaving a spot untouched. I will bury my head in her most private place and I will love her like no other.

Then when we are both sated I will wake.

Adam Omega


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