Friday, February 1, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam.

2. What's up with men and oral sex.

Why do men rather eat then to serve up the good stick? And just in case you are wondering. I love head just as much as the next woman but I love the ride more.

Missing the stick

Dear Missing the stick.

The question you ask has a simply answer. It's not that the male doesn't want to give up the good stick as you put it but rather about the male. We are my dear selfish creatures by nature. Having a female perform fellatio on us, or oral sex as you will, satisfy many needs for the male. First off: It gives us control over the giver, it puts the female in a position of servitude and we rather like that. But the main reason is that we need pay no heed to the attention of the female body that is servicing us as she gives us pleasure in this manner. It is all about us. And I'm not sorry to say that is the way we like it. None of this cuddling nonsense or waiting for the woman to reach the peak. No this is all about us, our needs, what we want. That's it. I told you it was simple. We males prefer oral sex because it satisfy our selfish nature. We can take and take and not worry about giving anything in return. There is no bonding, no emotional ties. WE simply accept that which you give. If you do not like giving or receiving this then my advice would be not to participate in it.

There is a difference in having this done by a person that you are not only intimately involved with but emotionally involves with as well. Then the act of giving or receiving becomes one of the most intense pleasures. To taste your lover on your tongue, to make her juices flow, or his, is the pentacle of love. if you love the person that you're with and they love you the act will be both satisfying and meaningful. If not it will be what it is most of the times. A way for one to reach sexual pleasure without giving of one's soul. I indulge often but only with Eve does it have any true meaning.

Now as to men who'd rather eat, I'd say it's either of two things: pure laziness on the part of the male to satisfy a woman who might take a long time to achieve satisfaction. Or the male does not really want to pleasure the woman he's with so he does what will achieve the goal at a faster pace. If you want the stick, then my advice would be to caress your partner with your fingers, hold him between your thighs and his erection should move of it's own accord to the desired location. Then you will have THE STICK!

And, Missing The Stick, if you follow my advice and find yourself in need of more, please contact me again. Vampires are known for giving, 'THE STICK,' and for our endurance. I have many under my command who will gladly give you what you need.

Adam Omega


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