Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dear Adam

Since Eyanna had bled on the amulet that she had given you, would Eve be able to use that with her crystals to make both of you mortal again? What is your biggest fear? Is it that Eve had the power to destroy you, or that you had already destroyed her soul?
I had tried to post this question on the blog page but was unsuccessful.

Amanda Ortega

My Dear Amanda Ortega,

First I must commend you for your brilliant questions. As to why you were unable to post on my blog. I have no wish for mortals to comment on my words. I am the last authority so I disabled that function. Oftentimes I tend to go into a rage and kill before I think. This not allowing mortals the freedom to comment is strictly for their safety.

Now as to your questions: Know this, F. D. Davis has decided to belabor the point and take twelve books to tell my story but let me see if I can answer your questions honestly without giving away too much.

As to whether or not Eve will be able to use her potions to turn the both of us human only time will tell. I have no such wish to return to my mortal state. But of course we both know that Eve is a stubborn woman. Now that she's remembering her own powers given to her by nature she no longer fears being called a witch. Add that to her dislike of this lifestyle and who knows what she might attempt. But my dear much to Eve's chagrin there is no cure for Vampirism. I am Immortal. I am Adam Omega

Again, I must say for a mortal you are indeed quick of mind. Which is my greatest fear? This I answer honestly for they are both true. I fear what I've done to Eve as much as I fear that she has the power to destroy me. I sometimes wonder what will happen when she realizes that. Will I do what I don't want and destroy her? To that I can not tell you. I do not know until that time comes. I do hope this answers your questions sufficiently. If not please rephrase and resubmit.

Adam Omega


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