Friday, February 1, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

He knows. My husband knows you visit me nightly in my dreams. I was so careful, but it became impossible to hide the satisfied smile on my face each morning when I awake or explain away the bite marks. Please, for my sake do not visit me again, release me from this spell, you've put me under. I can no longer lay in his arms while thoughts of you consume me, pretending that his touch does not repulse me.

You must release me dear Adam, for I know your cold undead heart belongs to another and will never be mine.

Dream Lover

Dear Dream Lover,

While it is true my heart does belongs to another when I lay claim to a being they remain mine. I cannot in good conscience release you but I will give you a fortnight of rest, to miss me. to beg me to return.

But the most important part of your letter refers to your husband knowing. Do you think that I Adam Omega fear him? Do you fear for your own safety? If either of these things are true then maybe it is time that I paid your husband a visit. I would have him begging me to take you and him if I wanted this. But I do not. Fear not My Dream Lover, all is well. Call for me when your need crests.

Adam Omega


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