Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

Bad boys are those guys, who are appealing because they are either handsome, charming, or have a bank roll and think that allows them get away with unacceptable behavior. Do you consider yourself a "bad boy" or simply a victim of circumstances that if those circumstances were different you would be as well?


Dear Karen,

As to your question: What do I consider that I am. I am Adam Omega. True I am handsome, appealing and having a humongous bankroll. I do not consider that I get away with bad behavior. I live by a code of rules that I enforce. My rules are not enforced by my looks, my appeal or my money. My rules are enforced by my authority. I am Adam. I was meant to be obeyed. What you mortals think of as a bad boy makes me laugh. Your mortal bad boys are merely children playing at something. If you don't believe me introduce one of them to me. The smell of their fear as they look upon my face would be enough to stink up an entire city block. Trust me my dear, the mundane things you speak of are but trinkets. It is the holder of the power that invoke respect. I invoke respect.

I say all of this with the utmost sincerity. There is none who can stop me, none whom I fear. My word is law. Period. Obey and live. Defy me and...Well you get the gist of it don't you?

Adam Omega

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