Monday, January 7, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

How can I obtain immortality? I don't want to be a vampire...or drink blood...or be undead. I just want to live forever and have violet eyes. Purple's my all time favorite color and I think it would be especially cool to have eyes that were that color for real.

The Purple Princess

My Dear Purple Princess,

Surely as a mortal you've heard of this mortal invention. Two words: Pearl Vision. As for immortality it appears your vanity outweighs your wish to be immortal.

Adam Omega



LaVerne said...

Hi Adam,

I'm going to read your story. I was going to go get some holy water before I even visited this site to clean my computer with after I logged on, but I don't think that would have any effect on you. LOL

I'll talk to you again after I read about you so then I can be fully armed to deal with your kind.

I'd say God be with you but you've been damned so I'll just say catch ya later.

BTW love this blog.


Adam Omega Vampire said...


I thank you for dropping by. Since I make my own holy water you're right, yours will have no effect on me.

If you'd like me to bless a vial and send it to you this I will do in exchange for something with a little more color.


LaVerne said...


We will not be exchanging anything. Not in this lifetime or the next for that matter.

I've got your book now, I'm reading it next week. Be warned.