Friday, January 11, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

You are by far the most perfect vampire in the world. You are sexy, smart and wiser than even King Solomon. My love for you knows no bounds. But, you are in love with Eve and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't like it if you had a mistress. So, I know how bothersome you find Sullivan to be. Might I suggest that I give myself to him...for you? Perhaps that way he won't have time to flirt with Eve....Ooo...I probably shouldn't have said that. But I promise to keep him busy night and day if you hook us up.

Slave To Love

My Dear Slave to Love,

Your words please me immensely and have brought a smile to my lips. Such devotion should be rewarded and I can promise you that I have every plan to do just that. There is one little problem with your request. I do not share. If you love me as you say you now belong to me.

Sullivan is a bit more than an annoyance, that much is true. Were I not insanely jealous, and would that Sullivan bedded mortals I might be slightly tempted. but alas my Dear Slave, Sullivan would not give you a second glance. You however have my eternal gratitude and will be well rewarded. I promise.

Adam Omega

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