Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

You're always talking of killing Sullivan. But friend or foe, don't you think your existence would be rather dull if you had no Sullivan in your life? What will killing him accomplish anyway?

Inquiring Mind

Dear Inquiring Mind.

The question you posed is the same one I have posed to myself for many centuries. Sullivan vexes my spirit. He continues to live because of that vexation. None other has provided me with such exchange. You are correct that my existence would be rather boring without him around to try and prod me into changing. His disapproval of me gives me great joy and for now I am content.

Now listen closely for what I will tell yo is the reason why I rant and Sullivan yet lives. It's the uncertainty that gives me the most joy in my games with Sullivan. Neither of us are ever sure of my action, neither of us know when it will go from my ranting to my doing. It keeps Sullivan with the proper amount of fear and it keeps me amused devising more creative ways to dispose of my old friend.

Hopefully, Inquiring Mind, you will recognize the folly of your ways to question me on my reasons for doing or not doing a thing. For the moment I am in a pleasant enough mood that I decided to answer. An hour from now I might not have been and that might have put you in rather a painful state. Bare that in mind.

Adam Omega


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