Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dear Adam

Dear Adam,

I have had some time away to consider that I have not treated you with the respect and reverence you so richly deserve. Mr. Omega, it was not my intent to incite your constant wrath. It just happen to work out that way.

So, okay the point of this letter is to make clear to you that from this day forward I will no longer be the proverbial thorn in your side. You will not hear a another peep out of me. Now would you please remove the dark cloud from over my house and forgive me.

Contrite Mary

Dear Contrite Mary,

It pleases me that you have finally learned the error of your ways. Be that as it may the cloud as you call it will remain until I have a free moment. Are you of a notion that I Adam Omega wait around to do your bidding? Do you truly believe you have any effect on my life? You are but a mortal Mary, nothing more than a source of amusement to me. I will relieve your mind of one thing. Your death was never in my plans. What sport would it be to get rid of one so powerless? Continue to think GOOD thought of me and one day your worries will cease.

Adam Omega


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